Taking Self Publishing Authors To the Next Level! Get Started Today....


1.) Search the name of your proposed book to ensure no one else has published the same title

2.) Proofread, edit manuscript meticulously for grammar, typographical errors, content, etc. (yes, over, and over again) Formulate acknowledgment and table of contents, and short bio

3.) Decide general style of book: size, book cover deisgn
(5.5x8.5, 6x9, 7x10, 8.5x11) Hardback or Soft Cover

4.) Obtain permissions for any and all material you are utilizing in your manuscript, and secure authorization to quote any copyrighted material (this is done in writing to the publisher) ie: quotes, songs, or references

5.) Develop a name for your publishing entity and obtain p.o. box, telephone number etc.

6.) Request ISBN numbers from R.L. Bowker. Note: if you are looking for one isbn number, there are websites with such services

7.) Fill out and mail in or email your copyright forms from the library of congress

8.) Allow friends and family to "review" your manuscript, and give you feedback (corrective criticism is good)

9.) Make revisions, and/or changes in manuscript as needed.

10.) Print and bind book and keep the same momentum and enthusiasm that you had when you were first thinking of writing a book.

Ask yourself?
a. What is my budget for printing, design, marketing?
b. How many book signings, events am I prepared to attend over this year? c. How many books do I want to print?
d. Have I established at least 10 networks to help promote this book?


a. Continuously observe the "market" for your genre, and prices that others have set for the same type of book
b. Network, network, network and surround yourself around other writers
c. Talk to bookstore owners in person about your proposed book
d. Remain encouraged and always finish what you start!!




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